Oracle Database Repair

Easily Repair Corrupted or Damaged Oracle Databases

Oracle Repair Software to make your corrupted database repair easy!

Are you searching for any Data Recovery Tool for Oracle or any other file Repair Services? Than just have an Oracle Database Repair. This particular Database Repair Tool is able to recover your Company’ valuable data from Oracle Database Files. The entire Oracle Database Files use the extension of .DBF and .DAT. There are many reasons through which these .DBF and .DAT extension files got damaged or corrupted.

Some of them are:-

  1. Attacks of Viruses or Trojans
  2. Failure of Software or Application
  3. Unexpected Shutdown of your System
  4. Format of a Hard drive
  5. Incompatible File Version

Other reasons for damage of Oracle database also include Deleted or damaged primary keys or foreign keys, Corrupt or deleted indexes. The lost or deleted predefined defaults, default values, rules, tables or table data are also responsible for the damage .DBF and .DAT Files. These above mentioned reasons state that the Oracle Database has been corrupted. You can come across with different errors while opening your Oracle Database. Your Company too can face up with the following Oracle errors. These errors can hinder your Oracle Database.

The errors messages are stated below:

  • Deleted or damaged primary keys or foreign keys
  • Corrupt or deleted indexes
  • Lost or deleted predefined defaults, default values, and rules
  • Deleted or damaged tables or table data
  • Locked database or .DBF file preventing access
  • Corrupt or damaged multi-volume database files
  • Damaged or corrupt unique key, indexes
  • Deleted stored procedures and/or views
  • Missing triggers
  • Virus attacks
  • Malicious or accidental deletion of tables or volumes.
  • Any physical or logical problems with the drive or drives your Oracle database files reside on.

For recovering the Database of Oracle and removing the error messages just make use of Oracle Repair. This software would smoothly removes the errors of database and recovers all the data files. There are many great software which are used in recovering and restoring the corrupted data. Oracle Database Repair provides different methods for detecting and correcting all data block corruption. So the Oracle Repair is the best tool used for recovering the entire database of Oracle.

So Trust only Oracle Database Repair to recover and restore your company’s data quickly and comfortably. This particular Repair tool will give you the best results for recovery of each and every corrupt, damage and lost Oracle Database.

How to use the software

Step 1:

Afer installing the software in your Pc from the toolbar option select 'option database' option. You can also select 'open database' from File Menu.

Step 2:

Start the scanning process by clicking the 'start repair' option from toolbar or File Menu

Step 3:

Once the scanning process gets completed select the items and save. Before saving the files it is required to create a new database.


"This software is amazimg. Few days ago I accidentally deleted data from my hard drive data and was looking for some solutions to recover them back. With the help of your software i recovered all my deleted data. Thanks a lot for introducing such a wonderful application."

- Mac Williams, Washington

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